5 Yule Decoration tips for a Witch – Celebrate Yule Sabbat with style!

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In this post, you’ll learn 5 amazing Yule decoration tips for a blessed and Witch Yule (or Christmas, if you prefer).

If you need more information about the Yule Sabbat, please check this post.

And if you want to have some tips on Yule Rituals, do check this one.

Let’s go!

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1) Create a Yule Tree

A Yule Tree is the most common and special decoration item for all Pagans and Witches.

Differently from the “modern” Christmas Tree, on the Yule Tree you can be free to insert some extra Pagan Symbols, like Pentagrams, Spirals and Triskles.

Check this Yule Tree below:

Craft a Yule Tree for decoration
A Yule Tree by The Druid’s Garden

It has a gorgeous Pentagram and a pair of Horns at the top!

And they were handmade!

Check the full details of this decoration tip – and more – at The Druid’s Garden

2) Craft yourself a Yule Log

Crafting a Yule Log is one the best rituals of Yule.

However, you can also craft one and use it for decoration during the whole season!

Craft a Yule Log for decoration and ritual
A Yule Log by The Painted Hinge

Check a complete tutorial on The Painted Hinge webite.

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3) Decorate your house with witches

No, it’s not Samhain. It’s really Yule!

If you’re not willing to craft something with, you can make it simpler!

With these printables, you can simply print and use them all over the place!

Decorate with Printable Witches
Printable Witches by Hajnal

They were made by Hajnal and are available on Etsy.

4) Get some Witch Balls

They are incredible and they can also contain a spell inside!

If you want to make a traditional “Christmas Tree”, but you’d like to add something extra, the Witch Balls are perfect!

They are essentially balls containing herbs, smoke from incense, essential oils and more.

Take a look at this one for example:

Make a Witch Ball for your Yule Tree decoration
A Witch Ball by WildWitchCrystals

It’s available on Etsy too.

5) Make an edible Yule Log

Yes, you read it correctly.

Besides crafting the Yule log only for decoration or for a Yule Ritual, you can make an edible one!

Take a look at this image below!

Edible Yule Decoration
Edible Yule Log by Baking a Moment

You can learn the full recipe tutorial at Baking a Moment webiste!

Yule decoration: what’s your favorite?

So, which Yule decoration tip here is your favorite?

And which one is your favorite in general?

Leave a comment below and let me know!

For more information on Yule, you can also watch my video and subscribe my channel on YouTube:

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