Yule Ritual: 3 tips for celebrating Yule, the Sabbat of Rebirth!

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Looking for some inspiration on how to celebrate Yule Sabbat? Here you’ll find 3 tips for creating and improving your rituals for the Sabbat of Rebirth! Each Yule ritual celebrates the joy of the Sun God’s rebirth, the renewal of the Goddess happiness the hope of Spring which will come soon with the crops.

The rituals presented here were taken from the book “Wicca, A Religião da Deusa” by Claudiney Prieto, with adaptations.

If you do not know this Sabbat, read about it on The Yule Sabbat post or watch the video below. To understand more about the subject go to The Wheel of the Year and the Sabbats.

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Yule Ritual: Yule Log

Yule Ritual - Yule Log

The Yule Log is part of a very simple Yule Ritual. It symbolizes the Sun God’s rebirth and, at the same time, summons the Goddess presence for protecting the house. The log used to be made from Oak, but as not everyone has access to this kind of wood nowadays, it can be made from any kind of wood. Remember that the most important ingredient for magic is your energy.

Decorate the log with green ribbons, red ribbons, green candles and red candles. It usually takes three candles: two green on the edges and one red in the center. Green is used to symbolize the God (Greenman is one of his names, remember?) and red is used for the Goddess and her energy.

When the Yule Log is ready, put it somewhere in the house where everyone can see it and summon the Goddess protection. After the Winter Solstice, keep the Yule Log at its place. On the next Yule Sabbat, this log must be burned and a new one must be made.

Yule Ritual: Yule Tree

Some may think we don’t even need to talk about the Yule Tree and “how to assemble one”. However, there’s a huge difference between the Christmas Tree we know nowadays and the Yule Tree.

In decoration terms, they are basically the same. The major differences are that, for this Yule Ritual, on the top of the Tree a Pentagram must be put, the colourful balls must be hand painted e the commercial Santa figure must be removed. If you really want to insert another symbol for the God, use his image as the Greenman or Cernunnos.

The gifts there are going to be placed below the trees must be offered for the Spirits of Nature. So don’t think about commercial gifs. You shelter the Spirits of Nature and they protect your home as gratitude.

On the Yule night, the Sun God’s rebirth, celebrate with happiness, music, dancing, and food around the Tree.

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Yule Ritual

For this Yule Ritual you will need:

  • 1 golden candle;
  • 1 white candle;
  • 1 green candle;
  • 1 red candle;
  • bay leaves;
  • 1 bell;
  • 1 cauldron;
  • A chalice filled with Wine.

Put the golden candle inside the cauldron, the green candle to the left of the altar, the red candle to the right of the altar and the white one in the centre.
Cast the magic circle and say:

Today I summon the powers of the Light Spirits. I tie my magical strength to the Child of Promise’s energy so the Sun will be reborn.

Light the red candle and say:

With this candle I worship all the Fire Spirtis.

Light the green candle and say:

WIth this candle I worship all the Spirits of Nature.

Light the white candle and say:

With this candle I celebrate to Winter Spirit.

Light the golden candle and say:

With this candle, in the darkness of the Goddess’s womb, I worship the Child of Promise who brings the light back.

Raise your arms and say:

By the horn and by the Light I welcome the Child of Promise, the Sun reborn who rises among the valleys, rivers and mountains. Be welcome, Child of Promise!

Take the bay leaves and macerate them in your hands, making a wish for the Goddess. Ring the bell 3 times and say:

Blessed be the Goddess and the God who turn the Wheel once again. I welcome Yule and I celebrate the eternal movement of the Nature!
May the God’s light shine above everything!

Raise the Chalice and say:

I drink this wine and honor the Goddess and the Sun Child.

Drink the wine and make a libation.
Dance and sing honouring the Goddess and the God!
Undo the magic circle.

The Wheel of the Year and the Sabbats

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General FAQ

How to celebrate Yule?

You can celebrate Yule by thanking the Goddess and celebrating the rebirth of the God. Let your imagination flow.

Is Yule celebration the same as Christmas celebration?

In short, yes. Yule is much older than Christmas. The colors, the pine tree and the motif are the same. For more information, read about Yule Sabbat.

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