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What is a Blood Moon – Definition, calendar and a spell for prosperity!

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In brief, a Blood Moon is a phenomenon in which we have a Total Lunar Eclipse, that is, the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are aligned causing the Moon to enter the shadow of the Earth, called the Umbra.

But why is it called Blood Moon? Is there any bleeding? Exactly what is the Blood Moon?

Unlike the Blue Moon, where the Moon does not change its colour, during a Total Lunar Eclipse the Moon changes colour, getting a reddish hue and therefore being popularly called the Blood Moon. This happens exactly because the shadow of the Earth, the Umbra, is projected onto the Moon.

Foto Perfil DanFF 2021 (150x150)

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Video: What is a Blood Moon?

In this video I explain what a Blood Moon is and I show a beautiful diagram. You can watch it below:

Blood Moon: When will it be next?

Blood Moon - What is it?

The Blood Moon is somewhat rare, just like the Blue Moon. For millennia we have observed the Lunar and Solar movements and our ancestors were already able to predict when Lunar Eclipses and Solar Eclipses would occur.

The next Blood Moon that we are going to observe, at the time of writing this post, is going to be on July 27, 2108. It is going to be a somewhat special event because it is going to last for almost an hour!

Lunar Eclipse diagram
Total Lunar Eclipse diagram – The Moon enters the Umbra area. Image from Business Insider.

This Blood Moon is going to be highly appreciated for those of you in Africa, Western Europe and Asia. In North America, it is not going to be visible. So if you are in any of these locations, be prepared!


Here is the Blood Moon from July 27th 2018 seen from the centre of Rio de Janeiro:

The next Blood Moons will be on:

  • 27 Jul 2018;
  • 21 Jan 2019;
  • 26 May 2021;
  • 16 May 2022;
  • 8 Nov 2022;
  • 14 Mar 2025;
  • 7 Sep 2025;
  • 3 Mar 2026;
  • 031 Dec 2028.

For more dates and for solar eclipses, visit the Time and Date website.

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Blood Moon Spell: Spell to Attract Prosperity and Inspiration

The Blood Moon is a phenomenon in which we experience a moment of union between the Goddess and God. It is a moment of great power and magic that must be experienced with enthusiasm!

The term “Blood” is given because of the reddish colouration the Moon obtains. However, it can also be associated with menstruation once it is closely linked to the lunar cycle.

During a Blood Moon, you can cast a spell to attract prosperity and inspiration, so that energy flows like the blood that keeps a living organism alive.

We have already suggested here on the site a Wiccan Spell during a Lunar Eclipse for Freedom, Strength and Gratitude. It can be done either during a Partial Lunar Eclipse or during a Total Lunar Eclipse.

Blood Moon Spell: How to cast

For this Blood Moon Spell you will need:

  • Your Chalice
  • Your Athame
  • 4 red candles
  • Red wine (or juice of some red fruit)
  • Your favourite incense (optional)

During the Blood Moon night, cast the magic circle and stay in the centre of it in a comfortable place for you. Position the 4 red candles so that they represent the 4 directions and the 4 elements.

Light your favourite incense if you wish.

Fill your chalice with wine and dedicate it to the Goddess. Concentrate on the Moon, letting your mind connect with the energy of the moment. Visualize the blood running through your body as you watch the Blood Moon. Feel the heat. Feel the life that runs within yourself.

Stay in this state for the entire passage of the Moon through the Umbra. You can also close your eyes as you feel the power within yourself.

When the Blood Moon returns to normal, that is, when it leaves the Umbra, insert your Athame in the Chalice with wine and visualize the power of God joining the power of the Goddess.

Raise the Chalice and say:

“The strength of the Goddess and the power of God flow within my body as well as my own strength represented in my blood. I am divine and deserve all the energy of prosperity, love and fulfilment in the world. So be it and so be it!”

Drink the wine (or the juice).

Thank the Goddess and God.

Let the candles burn to the end if they are still on.

Release the circle.

Blood Moon Calendar

Below you will find a Blood Moon Calendar that goes until 2028 to save in your Pinterest folders and schedule your special Esbats!

Blood Moon Calendar (Pinterest)

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