Summoning Magic – What it is and 3 steps to start performing it

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Modern Witches work with different kinds of magic. They can work with crystals and stone magic, magical herbs, with the energy of the Moon and the Sun or with the power of the Goddesses. There are also many other ways of practising magic and there is a specific “category” which is called Summoning Magic.


  1. Summoning Magic: What is it?
  2. Summoning Magic: How to summon energies?
  3. Summoning Magic: What can I summon?
  4. Summoning Magic in pop culture
  5. Which kind of Summoning Magic o you practise?
Foto Perfil DanFF 2021 (150x150)

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Summoning Magic: What is it?

The act of summoning something implies into calling forth an energy, a deity or a being to us. We can control them and make them fulfil a task which would be too hard or humanly impossible to handle it ourselves. For this, the practitioner contacts the energy which they want to work with and perform a Summoning Ritual.

Summoning magic can be found since ancient times and until today. It can be performed in different ways and with different goals. It can also be used for summoning powerful beings or just “ordinary” spirits like dead friends or relatives. See some examples below:

  • In Shamanism the practitioners are capable of summoning spirits from Nature and animals and they can use their own body as a vessel;
  • In Middle Ages the followers of Neoplatonism used to call forth energies from “The One“, the single principle;
  • Practitioners of Enochian Magic summon angels;
  • While practitioners of Goetia summon “fallen angels” or demons;
  • In Spiritism, it is very common the “communication with spirits” which consists of summoning a spirit and letting them manifest through psychography or psychophony;
  • In Umbanda, guides (spirits) are summoned and they embody a “cavalo” (the Portuguese word for horse), that is, a person capable of receiving them;
  • The Ouija Table is an instrument used to communicate with the dead. This practice is also called as Necromancy;
  • In Voodoo, the Houngans (priests), summon spirits called Loa which links Bondye (“Good God” em francês) and mankind;
  • In Wicca is very common to summon the elemental beings.

Summoning magic should never be made for fun or in a careless way.

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Summoning Magic: How to summon energies?

Before starting to practice summoning magic, the practitioner must be certain that they know the energies to be worked out, as well as the possible risks. It is useless for the practitioner to try to summon a great being of light if they don’t follow the path of light. It is also good to keep in mind that any energy to be summoned has its own will and can act as it wishes.

[su_note note_color=”#e598fa”]A scene from Penny Dreadful series which show a séance where “low energies” are present, changing the course of this simple ritual.[/su_note]

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Summoning Ritual: Fist step

The first step for practising summoning magic is an excellent way to start any kind of art: Meditate. Achieving a constant balance with one’s own mind helps to expand understanding and also contributes to self-controlling. Self-control is fundamental.

Summoning Magic - R Fludd, Utriusque Cosmi, Vol II, Oppenheim, 1619
R Fludd, Utriusque Cosmi, Vol II, 1619 | It shows the “worlds” which a mind can penetrate

Imagine that you need to carry a suitcase that weighs 5kg. Is easy. Now imagine that you need to carry a 60kg suitcase. It got heavy, didn’t it? It will require physical preparation, conditioning, muscle strengthening and so on. In magic, it is the same thing. Different energies have different “weights” and so it is very important to know exactly if you are “strong” enough to “hold” them.

When a summoning magic is done without the necessary care, it can lead to a catastrophe. Possessions, materializations, kinesthesia, combustions … during a summoning ritual, energies released with great intensity and without proper control can (and will) do anything they want.

[su_heading size=”17″ margin=”10″]Never summon a thing you can’t banish[/su_heading]

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Summoning Ritual: Second step

After obtaining self-control through meditation, the second step is the study. Studying a lot and gaining a deep understanding of the practice to be performed is needed. Never try to do perform summoning magic without knowing what you are doing or just for playing around.

Summoning Magic -S Michelspacher, Cabala, Augsburg, 1616
S Michelspacher, Cabala, 1616 | The stairs are a symbol of ascension, of obtaining knowledge

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Summoning Ritual: Third step

The third step is to know exactly what your intentions are. Keep in mind the existence of the Three-fold Law, where everything you do or wish will come back multiplied by 3 for you.

Depending on the energy you want to make contact with, the results of your summoning rituals can be huge. For this reason, be certain of what you wish for. You may have no opportunity to regret.

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Summoning Magic: What can I summon?

When we analyze summoning magic practices around the world with their peculiar characteristics, we realize that the act of summoning is the same. Simpler rituals, such as a circle vibrating on the same frequency, can be used to summon spirits of ancestors or messengers who are willing to bring important messages (or not!).

See below some kinds of energy which can be summoned:

Summoning the Elementals

The Elementals Beings are great beings to summon for our home! You can invite them with a well-kept garden, a fountain with clean water, a fireplace… The Elementals are beings of light and pure energy and they can also help you to take care of the environment.

Undines, Sylphs, Gnomes and Salamanders are great companions and they deserve to be treated with respect after being summoned. Read more about them on The Elemental Beings post.

Summoning Magic - Four Elements - Johann Daniel Mylius - Philosophia reformata (1622)
The four elements depicted by Johann Daniel Mylius in ‘Philosophia reformata’ (1622)

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Summoning angels and demons

What is in fact directly related to the term “summoning” in the ordinary sense are the demons. Regardless of your religion or belief, demons represent “dense”, “heavy” or “fallen” spirits. Demons are not necessarily bad, just as angels are not necessarily good. Working with demonic or angelic energies is an extremely complex practice.

In Goetia, the first book of Lemegeton – Solomon’s Grimoire (aka Lesser Key of Solomon), we find a list of 72 great demons that were described by Solomon. It is said that Solomon received instructions from angels on how to control these demons so that they would obey him. Together with the list, there are seals, the famous “sigils” to invoke or seal the demons.

On the second book from Lemegeton, Theurgia-Goetia, we find a list of 31 spirits both “good and evil”. On the following books, Ars Paulina and Ars Almadel, there are lists with the angels which Solomon was able to summon.

Read more about how to summon angels and demons on the posts: Lemegeton – Solomon’s Grimoire and Goetia.

Summoning Magic - Malphas (Goetia)
Sigil and illustration of Malphas. Both can be found in the book “The Goetia” by MacGregor Mathers and Aleister Crowley

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Summoning angels

Simple prayers have the power to ask or call the presence of angels. In essence, they are considered summonings, but the practitioner’s intention is not to control the entities. They just ask their presence.

By saying certain words and asking for the presence of certain beings, an energy which resembles their energy is created.

In the excerpt below the English singer Kate Bush is taught to make a simple protection spell in the song Lily. Note that this spell is not to control the entities, but only to ask for protection:

[su_note note_color=”#e598fa”]Gabriel before me
Raphael behind me
Michael to my right
Uriel on my left side
In the circle of fire[/su_note]

However, angels can actually be summoned through Enochian magic. In the sixteenth century, Dr John Dee and his assistant Edward Kelley received visions and information that allowed them to interpret the language of the angels, Enochian. The two were able to document the hierarchy of angels and were also able to access secrets from the mysterious book of Enoch. Enoch is said to be Noah’s grandfather, a man whose book was not published in the Bible because it was not considered “a scripture.”

Summoning Magic - John Dee - Sigil of Amath
Sigillum Dei by John Dee, 1582 | This sigil represents the living God and it is used in Enochian Magic

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Summoning Magic in pop culture

Summoning magic is often found in literature, in movies, and especially in video games and anime. Who is accustomed to playing RPGs, for example, knows the subject very well. In the RPG series Final Fantasy, summoning beings to help during battles is fairly common. In Final Fantasy X, the protagonist, Yuna, is a “summoner” capable of invoking and controlling Aeons, evolved spirits of great power.

[su_note note_color=”#e598fa”]Yuna summoning her first Aeon, Valefor (Valefor is one of the 72 demons found in Goetia)[/su_note]

The image which illustrates this post if from the anime Sakura Card Captors, in which the character invokes magical beings contained in cards. The seal appears under her feet every time her spell is used, either to summon the power from within the Magic Key or to summon the power of the Clow Cards.

[su_note note_color=”#e598fa”]Sakura summoning the power of the Magic Key[/su_note]

In the action game series Bayonetta, the player controls the Witch of the same name who faces angels of all hierarchies. During the battles, it is possible to summon “Infernal Demons” with whom she has established a pact. The language used during the invocation rituals, which consist of dances, is the Enochian.

[su_note note_color=”#e598fa”]The Witch Bayonetta summons Gomorrah with the spell “AVAVAGO!” , Thunders in Enochian[/su_note]

In the RPG Persona 3, the characters summons their Persona, a being that inhabits “the ocean of the soul”. The act of summoning, however, is represented by the use of an accessory called Evoker, which is similar to a gun. The character aims and shoots against their head, creating a rupture between the conscious and the unconscious and bringing up their Persona.

[su_note note_color=”#e598fa”]By disrupting the barrier between consciousness and unconsciousness, the character frees the power of Orpheus, a Persona who inhabits inside him[/su_note]

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Which kind of Summoning Magic o you practise?

Here on our site, we are accustomed to posting tips on how to summon the power of the Goddesses in our lives. In the Goddesses section, you will find many manifestations that can help you in different ways.

And what about you? Do you practice any kind of summoning magic? Which one? Share with us your experiences!

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Summoning Magic - 3 steps to start performing

8 thoughts on “Summoning Magic – What it is and 3 steps to start performing it”

  1. I summoned and created a very intuitive werewolf beast with a thirst for knowledge, he literally goes around eating knowledge and whatever insightful knowledge he eats comes back to my conciousness, he talks to me through my third eye, and helps me when I have blocked or cracked chakras, but lately I seen him go crazy not listening to me and uncontrollably devouring every peice of knowledge in its wake as if its eating like a real werewolf. I’m glad to say that I found this website in time.

    • Hi, Jermaine! Thank you for your comment!

      Your story is very interesting! I hope you can regain your control over the beast, so you can work and improve together again!


    • Hello, Amanda! Have you lost your energy? How?

      Try to stay in a calm environment. Hold a Selenite Crystal and draw your energy back.

      Although, depending on how you’ve lost it, the process may be a little bit difficult.

  2. I have not started practicing any magic but am interested. My spiritual beliefs are strictly pantheism and all things in the cosmos feel as connected to me as the air I breathe. I appreciate others beliefs and respect their need for their beliefs. I am a psych student in her way to a counseling degree at which point I will be providing transpersonal therapy. This is where my interest in main comes and I’m unsure where to start. Nature has always been important to me even long before I knew why.

  3. I want to start and want to be good at it is there a way or a simple smaller way i can test and not be overwhelmed by it and unable to fix. I am interested and also scared at the same time i want to become a wise witch at the end and step into the real world as it is to the other great wise witches. Is there any chance you could send or give me some information on how to get started.

    • Hi, Pieter! Thanks for your comment!

      I advise you to start practising elemental magick. It’s light and, at the same time, powerful.

      It’s a great way to start and grow as a witch.


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