Spell to get rid of unwanted people – Simple and effective!

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In this post, you will learn a simple spell to get rid of unwanted people. Do you know when you separate the day just for you? You arrange everything so you can relax, study witchcraft, watch Santuário Lunar’s spell videos (ha!), and suddenly that unexpected – and unwanted – visit appears.

What to do? Usually, these people do not realize that they are not welcome. If they’re a relative, then it’s really impossible to think of the possibility of not being welcome at all!

To solve this situation, you can cast this simple Wiccan spell with ingredients that you surely have at home!

If you prefer, you can watch the video below and / or continue reading the post:

Foto Perfil DanFF 2021 (150x150)

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Spell to get rid of unwanted people

This simple spell consists of a magic dust. To make this magic dust, only 3 ingredients are required! And these ingredients are:

  • Three “Hot” Spices;
  • A little pot to save the spell in case you won’t use it all at once (or have a list of people to get rid of :D).

By hot spices, I mean any “hot” flavoured spice, such as:

  • Black pepper;
  • Cayenne pepper;
  • Cinnamon;
  • Paprika;
  • Saffron;
  • Curry;
  • Any other similar.

How to cast a spell to ward off someone unwanted

To cast this spell, you just have to have the ingredients at hand. It can be done at any Moon Phase, season and time of day.

Start by separating the 3 ingredients you will use. In my case I chose: Cayenne, Cinnamon and Curry.

Simple Spell to get rid of unwanted people - cayenne pepper
Cayenne pepper
Simple Spell to get rid of unwanted people - Cinnamon
Simple Spell to get rid of unwanted people - Curry

So I left the 3 separate and in another container, I mixed them.

Simple Spell to get rid of unwanted people - Magick Powder
Magick Powder

With the dust ready, all you have to do now is throw a little (or a lot if you think it’s necessary) into a drain while visualizing the person you want to move away and speak your intentions.

Ideally, do this spell with the person already indoors so that they feel “hot” and leave in despair. In my case, I did before the visit was repeated. It worked and until today I didn’t have the cursed visit anymore.


So this is a very simple spell to ward off unwanted, annoying, meddlesome people who visit us even if we don’t want them. This spell is very light and the unwanted person is not necessarily your enemy. If you need to protect yourself from enemies, check these enemy protection spells.

I learned this spell in the amazing book “The Goodly Spellbook”, a grimoire which contains several spells for various purposes. If you want the book, please buy it using the link below to collaborate with the site without paying anything extra for it!

The Goodly Spellbook
The Goodly Spellbook

Did you do this spell? Did it work (of course it did!)? Share your experiences in the comments!

26 thoughts on “Spell to get rid of unwanted people – Simple and effective!”

  1. I have powdered turmeric, curry, black pepper and white pepper and spice veggies like shallots, chillies, onions and garlics. How I can cast the leave me alone go away spell towards to all unnamed and unseem enemies, make them stop staring at me and make me upset everyday? I desire the spell performs the permanently effect.

  2. Does this work to get manipulative people in your loved ones life? My husband has a friend who is a bad influence and I need to rid of him.

  3. My dear friend, I just saw your you tube magic spell, my question I have a tenants living in my basement and he is not paying rent and he is not leaving we try many time to talk to him but he have attitude please is there any thing I can used to get him out as soon as possible we are so scared don’t know what he is doing

  4. Hi there
    Just found this page on a google search
    I have a very rude old woman who lives in apartment below mine. her behaviour is bad, yesterday she got a stick and was banging on her ceiling – my floors and also swearing at me, blaming me for a problem with her water – i have done nothing to her water.

    which spell can i use to banish her and get her to move?

  5. I have recently gotten happily married and my ex will not leave me alone. What can I do to make him stop calling and leave me alone for good? ASAP

  6. Hi Dan,

    We have recently purchased a property & we’d love to move in asap however there are tenants there for a while yet. The tenants don’t want to leave and are playing silly games with us & lying to us when we would like access to the property. How can we encourage them to move on in the near future, bearing in mind that we have no access to the property at all?

  7. Hi,my daughter has this ex who will not leave her alone,threating to put her in jail,trying to cause problems with her and new guy she seeing,I want him to disappear,and never have her name come from his mouth.hes jealous,lives with parents,they do everything for him example-gives him money to get place to live,money for bills,truck,whatever he wants they give it to him,doesn’t work,.also want him to lose it all,have parents stop giving him money ,I just want him out of our lives for good,please can you help get this pest gone


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