Psychic Vampires – A complete guide to identify them and to protect yourself

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This post is a complete guide to understanding, identifying and protecting yourself from psychic vampires.


  1. What are Psychic Vampires?
  2. How to identify a Psychic Vampire?
  3. How to fight a Psychic Vampire?
  4. How to help a Psychic Vampire?
  5. Conclusion
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What are Psychic Vampires?

You watch the video below if you prefer! Otherwise, just keep reading!

Throughout history, psychic vampires have been quoted and depicted in literature and in works of art, often called Incubus (male) or Succubus (female). According to the stories, these demons invaded houses at night, had sex with their victims, and drained all the vital energy from each of them.

Henry Fuseli - The Nightmare 1791
The Nightmare, work of Henry Fuseli in 1791 depicting an Incubus draining the energy of his victim.

This was one of the forms people used to describe them in the past. But nowadays, we know that the means through which a psychic vampire absorbs energy goes far beyond sexual intercourse. Another important point is that not always they are evil spiritual entities, they can be any of the people you know.

Although the term vampire is directly related to “blood-draining monsters,” psychic vampires are people, like you and I are, but that feed on human energy. Also known as emotional vampires, they feed on the human will, they deplete our minds and they exhaust our bodies. They can lead us to depression, to insanity, can make us feel angry and can even trigger psychological and physical illnesses.

That is why it is so important to know how to identify them so that we can protect ourselves from all of them. A psychic vampire can often unexpectedly be anyone, someone who is every day by our side, like a co-worker or a relative.

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How to identify a Psychic Vampire?

Although it seems a complex subject, identifying a psychic vampire is relatively easy. Below are 10 featured characteristics of psychic vampires.

A psychic vampire will probably possess several of the traits listed below, either consciously or unconsciously. If you identify yourself with one or another trait, this will not necessarily turn you into a vampire, but it will be important to work on the trait (s) so that you are not going to harm anyone, neither yourself.

Psychic Vampires - Good Energy Field
Example of a well-protected energy field against vampires

Types of Psychic Vampires 1) The Helper

It is not only for kindness that people usually offer some help. Beware of it! There can also be some second thoughts involved in this simple action and a psychic vampire is a master on doing that. In order to drain the victim’s energy, a psychic vampire is even capable of creating situations and problems that put a victim at a disadvantage. At this point the vampire offers help. The victim, already destabilized, opens the channel and loses energy.

The Helper Psychic Vampire is usually that person who insists on offering solutions to all of your problems. If you have no problems, they are able to create some and offer help right away.

If you have already heard someone saying, “It’s really good one to be suffering so that one can appreciate who a real helper is!”, Be careful, because the huge chances are for this person to be a psychic vampire.

When you decline some help of a vamp from this type, they are very likely to be angry, to curse you, to cast a curse and walk away. But do not worry, they will hardly try to drain your energy again.

Psychic Vampires - Tentacles
Example of the energetic field of a vampire ready to attack

Types of Psychic Vampires 2) The Manipulator

A psychic vampire is able to alter the environment in which they are inserted to their favour so that they can obtain some energy. They can arrange a meeting, for instance, and then make something go wrong so that the victim feels guilty opening the channel to have their energy drained.

Manipulator Psychic Vampires are often disorganized people who live such a messy life. Superficially, these vampires demonstrate to live a perfect and extremely organized life, which causes the victims to fall into their tricks.

It is easy to combat them. Not being part of the schemes they create is enough. Organize your life and your events yourself. Never count on any of them.

Types of Psychic Vampires 3) The Selfish

Psychic vampires tend to care not about the others. Selfishness is a present feature in virtually every psychic vampire. They are able to form alliances, collaborate with the others until these ones are no longer useful to them.

With these relations once established the vamp shows off their claws, they offend, yell, and knock their victims down. Thus, only they can move on, usually making an alliance with anyone else and repeating the whole cycle.

The Selfish Psychic Vampire is usually a person who does never have “good” friends. From time to time they have a best friend who later on fails to be friends because the one did something “terrible” that deeply hurt the vampire’s feelings. In fact, we know it was the vampire who ended up draining the victim’s energy, disposing of the person like trash afterwards. These temporary friendships also tend to end up when the vampire is exposed.

Psychic Vampires - Weakened Energy Field
Example of a weakened energy field, vulnerable to any attack

Types of Psychic Vampires 4) The Exaggerated

Anything can be a big problem through the eyes of a psychic vampire, provided that they can use it to engage other people and drain their energies.

Ordinary problems, the smallest ones, become events of gigantic proportions. A broken glass, for example, can become the reason for a discussion that may last days or even weeks. Going far beyond offences, curses and screams.

The Exaggerated Psychic Vampire screams, cries, gets victimized and involves as many people as possible in their issues. Nevertheless, the problem is caused on purpose by the vamp. Quite often the people involved in the trickery end up fighting each other, generating even more energy for the vamp.

Types of Psychic Vampires 5) The Scoffer (or Mocker :R)

Psychic vampires love to mock other people. There is nothing easier than draining the energy of people who are shaken or sad. If you know someone who just knows well how to make bad jokes about other people and does not tolerate jokes about themselves, be careful!

The Scoffer Psychic Vampire is usually a spoiled person and full of “ne me touche pas“. Only they can mock. Only they can laugh at others. Only they can attack. On the other hand, if someone does this to them, they are able to call the police and mobilize the entire neighbourhood to protect themselves.

Psychic Vampires - Open Energy Field
Example of a pierced energy field

Types of Psychic Vampires 6) The Complainer

According to the psychic vampires, the whole universe conspires against them. They are poor, no one likes them, they have no money, they have no food, they have no place to live, they are always sick and there are no medicines to cure them, they are unable to do anything and they always need someone to do the things for them…

The truth is that vamps tend to be extremely intelligent! For example, if you are very rich, they will complain about lack of money, bad work conditions, debts and so on for you. For another person who is not rich, the very same vamp will be snob, saying they have a lot of money, and then complain that they work too hard and do not have any time for doing anything else.

The Complainer Psychic Vampire is the easiest one to be spotted. If you know someone who is always complaining, try to find out what this person is complaining about to others. If it is a real need, the complaint will be the same. If it is a trickery, it will be different so that they can drain some energy.

Another way to unmask a Complainer is to offer them an “alternative” kind of help. If they beg some money, for instance, ask what is actually needed and offer to give exactly the necessary item. You will immediately notice the vamp’s reaction.

If they are more “trained”, they can also be the type 7 (below)

Types of Psychic Vampires 7) The Smart Aleck

During a conversation with a psychic vampire, they will complain a lot pretending they are the victim of every situation. They will say they possess nothing in life and they are very miserable. Then, suddenly when you innocently try to come up with a solution, they will cut your line shushing you

The Smart Aleck Psychic Vampire knows everything. That simple. There is nothing to discuss. When facing a vampire of this type, just agree with what they say or, better yet, leave them talking to themselves.

The more you retaliate, the more you try to show that there are facts that prove they are wrong, the worse it will be for you. Firstly, the very reason for the discussion is not to find out what is right or wrong, but rather drain your energy. Secondly, they do not want to learn anything you can teach.

Psychic Vampires - Irritated Energy Field
Example of an altered energy field with gaps in several places

Types of Psychic Vampires 8) The Inquirer

Do you happen to know the “fishing for information” saying? Psychic vampires are all the time fishing for information. They want to know everything about you, and for that, they ask questions all the time, about the most varied subjects.

Usually, the Inquirer Psychic Vampires are the ones who know everything. That is strange, isn’t it? Well, Inquirer Psychic Vampires may be the owners of the universal truth, but there is something they need to know before plotting their trickeries: details about your life!

Their questions are often indirect and the victim ends up giving the answers without realizing it. So stay tuned. The best way to fight this kind of vampire is by keeping mum. As much as you are proud of something you have done or conquered, avoid speaking about. The vampire will talk about subjects they know are important and interesting to the victim and then lead them through the conversation until they get the answers (and the energy) they want.

Psychic Vampires - Altered Energetic Field
Example of an energetic field releasing attention and energy to the vampire

Types of Psychic Vampires 9) The Abandoned

This psychic vampire is terrible. Everything they do and say is part of the emotional destabilization plan they have. If the victim is distant from the vampire, one of the ways to drain their energy is by inventing problems, cases and situations so that the victim feels guilty for not being present. Many of these situations never happened in fact, they are only part of the vampire’s imagination. The person feels bad for not being able to do anything to help the vamp.

The Abandoned Psychic Vampire uses the distance in their favour because they are sure that the victim will never know the truth of what is being said.

To identify this kind of vampire you must know them well. This type of vamp only yourself can identify.

Psychic Vampires - Energy Field Hooked by a tentacle
The vampire creates a kind of hook that pierces and gets stuck in the victim’s energy field

Types of Psychic Vampires 10) The Important One

Their problem is more serious than yours. The book they read is bigger, better and has a more beautiful cover than yours. If you give them a gift, they will look for the flaws, so that the attention is not on the present, but on them. The running water in your house is bad, in their house it is better than in yours, and so on…

The Important One Psychic Vampires never strive to become better people. On the contrary, they undervalue everyone they can, so that they can feel superior. Always.

This type of vampire is usually identified along with types 7 (The Smart Aleck) and 8 (The Inquirer). To oppose them it is very simple: ignore. Simply ignore them. They will be enraged and, as we have already said for other types, they will scream, make drama, curse you and that’s it. Do never worry about that.

These are just a few of the traits of psychic vampires who, in general, tend to be extremely negative people. From these 10 traits, you can identify some other similar ones that will help you find out if you are being attacked, or not by psychic vampires.

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How to fight a Psychic Vampire?

Each type of psychic vampire requires a kind of attention and a specific combat strategy. However, generally, we can protect and combat them all in simple ways.

Fighting a Psychic Vampire: Belief

Every type of spell or magic is based on belief. Therefore, to protect yourself and to combat vamps, you simply have to believe strongly that they can not affect you and the damage will be very small or simply will not exist.

Belief is a dangerous factor for two reasons:

1) Believing in what psychic vampire says will make you fall on their trickeries. Always doubt.

2) By believing that the psychic vampire can manipulate your energies, you end up promptly opening the doors for them. It is important to always be positive. And fear not!

Fighting a Psychic Vampire: Rituals and Spells

Many who know Wicca have already heard about the Three-fold Law, in which all the energy that is sent, whether good or bad, returns multiplied by three to whoever sent it.

In the case of psychic vampires, as they emanate negative energy in order to absorb positive one, a quick spell is able to cut off this flow and cause the Three-fold Law to take action, returning bad energy to the vampire and assuring you protection.

So when you feel very tired, with some lack of energy, with some bad thoughts hovering over your mind and suspect that this may be the activity of a psychic vampire, imagine a sparkling protective bubble popping up around you and cast this spell to fight vampires energy by saying:

“Whatever it is you sent to me
I send it back, three times three.
Don’t mess with me.
Don’t mess with me.
Don’t mess with me.”

If you know who the psychic vampire is as you cast the spell, imagine the face of the person disappearing into the darkness.

I learned this spell from the White Dragon website in an article about psychic vampires. If you would like to read it, go here.

Other ways to protect yourself include purifying baths and stone amulets, such as the black tourmaline that acts as a repellent, or onyx and hematite, that will drain the vampire’s negative energy without reaching you.

If the energy is very dense, the black tourmaline may break or burst. Do not worry if this happens because it would have been worse if you were unprotected.

If you are at work and you do not want to directly face the vamp for professional reasons, try to protect your area so they will not invade it. Read the post 10 simple spells for protection to get some ideas!

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How to help a Psychic Vampire?

Giving some help to a psychic vampire can be complicated, as many of them do not recognize the boundaries between help and energy abuse. So if you want to help a vampire, know yourself well, know your own energy limit and do not allow them to cross your limits by immediately cutting off the flow of energy.

From my own experience, I would not recommend you to try to help any energetic vampire you find out there. Even if it is someone from your family, my advice is to wish the person to learn alone their lessons and see by themselves that what they do is not good for anyone.

I followed cases in which insisting on helping a vampire family member led the person to lose almost everything they had in life, including their health. Everything was drained and destroyed. Only after realizing that it was useless to try to change someone their situation got better. The vampire family member mentioned in this case, however, continued to drain the energy of everyone who crossed their way.

There are cases and cases, of course. Is it possible for a psychic vampire to stop being a psychic vampire? YES, IT IS. But the initiative must come from themselves.

If you still want to help them, here you can have more tips:

Be a good listener

Many people are negative due to several bad events in their lives and end up suppressing many feelings. Instead of ignoring them, listen to them, many people just need to unburden to realize what needs to be done.

If you clearly see that the vampire’s claims are only traps to drain your energy, do not enter their game. Often, saying “no” is the best way to help, then.

Keep topics light in conversation

Sometimes some negative people get worse when a certain subject comes up. What to do, then? Change the subject! Talk about a new movie or a mutual friend, focusing on subjects that will motivate the person to get away from the negativity.

Once again, if you realize that the vamp insists on the negative issues at all costs, end up the conversation, or you will be a victim by your own choice.

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Knowing and accepting the dark side of each one can be an antidote to the psychic vampire‘s influence. We all demonstrate traits of a vampire at some point in our lives. Analyzing our actions in our daily lives will help us to become more self-confident, and magically, emotionally, and spiritually healthier.

Do you know any Psychic Vampires or do you have any doubts about them? Leave your comment!

10 Types of Psychic Vampires

Below you find a summary of the 10 types of psychic vampires quoted here in the post. It is an image for you to save in your Pinterest folders.

10 kinds of Psychic Vampires (Pinterest)

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