Protection spells against enemies – A Spell Bottle and 3 more spells

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Let’s see in this post how to make a Spell Bottle and 3 more protection spells against enemies, against bad people, evil people and so on. We live surrounded by people of all kinds. We are inserted in a society and try our best to live in harmony. However, there are always those evil, tricky, boring and bad people who do everything to harm everyone around them.

If this person is a psychic vampire, here is a guide to combat it: Psychic Vampires – A Complete Guide. If this person is “just” evil, bad, troublemaker and etc., let’s learn 4 simple spells to push them away. However, keep in mind that these spells to drive people away are powerful. So only cast them when you really want the person to forget you exist and leave you alone. Also, keep it in mind that, in doing so, things beyond your control can happen so that the result can be achieved (it does not involve death or illness: D), so be sure before doing so.

If you are looking for simple spells for protecting your home, please check the post 10 simple spells for protection against negative energies.

Protection spells against enemies - The Three Sorceresses - August Jean-Baptiste Meurice
Call your Witch friends, it’s Witchy time!
Foto Perfil DanFF 2021 (150x150)

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Protection spells against enemies: Spell Bottle to banish bad people

Protection Spells Against Enemies - Spell Bottle for protection

You can watch the video below to learn how to make this Spell Bottle to protect yourself against enemies. If you don’t like watching videos, you can keep on reading 🙂

This Spell Bottle contains a protection spell against enemies that is VERY powerful. So once you make it you will ward off or banish someone from your life. Hence, two paths are possible:

  • The person disappears from your life, changes their address, their job and you never hear anything about them anymore, while they do not hear anything about you either;
  • You disappear from the person’s life, you change your address, your job and you never hear anything about this person again,
    while they never hear from you either.

If you want to read my personal experience with this spell, click below. If you do not want to read, just skip it and go straight to the instructions:

[su_spoiler title=”Personal experience with the Spell Bottle for protection against enemies” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]I made this Spell Bottle 3 times to be very precise and the results were very strong. The first and second time, I made to protect myself against two infernal neighbours. A short time later a new opportunity appeared in my life and I moved to a much better place! I never saw those neighbours again. Even when I went back to the previous address to get some mail I did not even see them.

The third time I made it, it was during a charity project that I was invited to. It all began very well until the coordinator turned out to be an energetic vampire of the most trained and intelligent kind. She harmed everyone in the group, without exception! Since I was already on the project and it was charity one, leaving it behind out of the blue would not be fair. So I made this Spell Bottle to protect myself from her energy. I wanted her to simply ignore me and we would follow the project to the end, but it didn’t happen like that. From the moment I made this Spell Bottle, she began to direct the attacks on me. In the end, the result was positive as she made everyone else see her tricks and the bad things she was doing. The project was a success and the team severed shortly after. Everyone was free <3[/su_spoiler]

How to Make a Spell Bottle for Protection against Enemies

To make this Spell Bottle for protection against enemies, you will need:

Protection Spells Against Enemies - Spell Bottle - Necessary Materials
Protection Spells Against Enemies - Spell Bottle - 7 Needles
Protection Spells Against Enemies - Spell Bottle - Rosemary
  • A small bottle with cork;
  • 7 needles;
  • A handful of rosemary;
  • Black candle to seal it (optional).

Start by separating the items so that it is easy to get each one of them. Take the small bottle and start putting each of the needles inside. As you place each needle, mentalize the person you want to walk away from and tell why you want it.

For example, for the first needle, you can say:

I wish Raktabīja (the Asura which Kali and Durga fought) get away from me so he cannot harm me with his actions.

While inserting the second needle, say another reason why you want to push the person away. And keep doing it until the seventh needle.

Protection Spells Against Enemies - Spell Bottle - Bottle with needles

After placing the seven needles, start putting the rosemary. Fill the bottom of the glass with it. While inserting the rosemary, start mentalising the person’s actions being directed to each of the needles while the rosemary will be taking care of banishing them.

Protection Spells Against Enemies - Spell Bottle - Bottle with needles and rosemary

Once you have put all the rosemary, close the glass with the cork. If you think it is necessary, you may seal with a black candle.

Keep this Spell Bottle in a place where no one will touch it. When you do not need it anymore, bury it.

Protection Spells Against Enemies - Spell Bottle

Simple, isn’t it?

Protection spells against enemies: Aglaria Pedhel

Aglaria Pedhel is a spell which confuses an enemy and makes them miss their attacks on you. It also serves as one of the protection spells against enemies and against annoying and unbearable people.

Protection Spells agains enemies - "To Edgar Poe" - Odilon Redon - 1882
With these protection spells against enemies, we can fight the evil eye back! Work: “To Edgar Poe” by Odilon Redon 1882

[su_spoiler title=”Personal experience with Aglaria Pedhel spell” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]I cast this spell only once and the result was fantastic. Unlike the Spell Bottle to ward off unwanted people, this one is more “tranquil”. In extreme cases, it is best to make the Spell Bottle. If the unwanted person is more teasing than evil, this one is perfect.

I cast it for a person who teased me because of my way of working. Do you know those people who always want to make a mess all the time and do not let anyone concentrate? Yes, one of them. One day, tired of having to ask for silence, to stop calling me, to stop complaining about everything and everyone for me, I cast the Aglaria Pedhel. I cast 3 times for the same person.

It was solved, then. The person doesn’t even say “good morning” anymore.[/su_spoiler]

How to protect yourself against enemies: Aglaria Pedhel spell

Among the protection spells against enemies, the Aglaria Pedhel, can be used for this purpose as well as for something more serious like fighting someone who wants to do some kind of evil against you. This spell was taken from The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells for Modern Problems which you will find below:

[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 2949″ limit=”17″ link=”custom” target=”blank” width=”140″ height=”170″ title=”never”]

The text below is from The Goodly Spellbook.

Elude pursuit, confound challengers, and conceal the nature of your spellwork by intoning the following Barbarous words of Power.

[su_note note_color=”#e598fa”]

Aglaria Pedhel

Garia Ananas



(ah-GLAH-ree-ah PEH-dhel
GAH-ree-ah AH-nah-nahs

The Aglaria Pedhel spell is so olde that its origin is unknown. Properly chanted, it misdirects those who mean you ill, thereby affording you safe escape,  invisibility, and privacy.

Reinforce the spell by inconspicuously making a downward-pointing mano cornuta gesture with either hand.

Protection Spells against enemies - Mano Cornuta
Remember to make the Mano Cornuta upside down for this spell

SPELL ORIGIN: traditional European magic, origin unknown; Italian Strega gesture

SPELL TIMING: as needed for a long-term problem-best when the Moon is in Pisces or in a hard aspect with Neptune

MAGICAL THEORY: Composed of vowels and consonants that have multiple magical correspondences, Barbarous Words of Power are innately mighty. Because they’re of ancient derivation, their power has accrued over time.

SYMPATHETIC MAGIC: Pointed downward, the gesture of protective horns reinforces your diversion and distracts a pursuer’s attention.

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Protection Spells against enemies: American Magician’s Incantation

The enchantment below is one of the protection spells against enemies. It can also be used to ward off enemies. It was taken from Witchcraft: The Handbook of Magic Spells and Potions which you can find below:

[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 2951″ limit=”17″ link=”custom” target=”blank” width=”140″ height=”170″ title=”never”]

The incantation is:

Repeat reverently, and with sincere faith, the following words, and you shall be protected in the hour of danger:

Behold, I will trust, and not be afraid, for starts of Heaven, and the constellations thereof, shall not give their light; the sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the moon shall not cause her light to shine. And behold, at evening tide, trouble; and before the morning is not; this in the portion of them that spoils us.

Protection Spells against enemies: Hindu Enchantment

Another spell that can be used as one of the protection spells against enemies and to ward off unwanted and evil people is the following Hindu spell. This enchantment is to weaken the enemies, so if the person who troubles you has some kind of power over you or some power that you can not cope with, this spell is recommended!

This spell was also taken from the Witchcraft: A Handbook of Magic Spells and Potions. See it below:

To deprive enemies of their strength, recite:

As the rising sun takes away the luster of the stars, thus do I take away the strength of both the women and the men who hate me.

As many enemies as ye are, looking out against me, as I come on- of those who hate me do I take away your strength, as the sun takes away the strength of person’s sleep as it rises.

Protection Spells against enemies on Pinterest

Did you enjoy these protection spells against enemies? Are you going to cast one or more? Share your experiences here in the comments section! 😀

Below, you’ll find an image to keep in yout Pinterest folders!

Spell for protection against enemies - Spell Bottle tutorial DIY

67 thoughts on “Protection spells against enemies – A Spell Bottle and 3 more spells”

  1. Hello again is there any spells to vanish friendship among two people ,to stop them from saying negatives things about me?Thanks again

    • Hi, Lunna! Yes there are some.

      I remember learning about one sometime ago, but as I didn’t cast it I forgot it.

      That’s an interesting subject.
      During the next week I’ll try to find these spells on my books and I’ll write a new post about it.

      Can I send the link to your email?

      Blessed be )O(

        • Thank you so much for this. Is there a spell to make an enemy come close to me so I can work her? There are people in her group that are damaging me but I need a “keep your enemy close” type spell…,,

          • Hi, Lany! Thank you for your comment! I’m going to check here! Please leave another comment so I can reply to it when I find (I’ll probably write next week). 😀

  2. Hi love your site, I have a question do you think this spell with the bottle cork would work to get rid of someone who created a false fantasy between us based on my friendliness and friendship.. I stop being friend with as soon as I saw the warning signs well a year passed by he reached out to me saying he has had negative thoughts and even thought about telling my husband about his delusional fantasy he said he wasn’t but I just need for him to leave me alone and not want to bring harm to me.
    I want to make sure this spell would be the correct one.


  3. Is there a spell that will make your enemies fight each other instead of picking up on you ? I have a problem. My co-workers are backstabbing another employee. When that employee found out what my co-workers are saying about her…my co-workers accused me which I was innocent and had nothing to do of what happened. The worst is that the employee being back-stab did not clear my innocence but she knew it was not me who told her about the back-stabbing of my co-workers in the Office. Since then …everyday my co-workers are picking on me and saying things though not directly referring to me but others knew it was me they are slandering :(.

    • Hi, Alex. I understand your situation.

      The best solution I see for this is to protect yourself.
      Once you start protecting yourself you will be “out of sight” and the others are going to keep fighting among themselves.

      Of course, there are spells to make people fight each other, but I never recommend them once you would be dealing with other peoples’ wishes.

      Try this spell bottle to protect yourself first.
      Make one for each of the co-workers. It will be enough. 😀

  4. Hi! I did the bottle spell about 2 weeks ago for 2 different neighbors. I did the spell the same day for both. One of them just left yesterday 🙂 That was fast. But I have a question for the other that is a very very evil person, that had brought sorrow to another family and had tried to attack mine because we stand up for the other family. At the moment of doing the spell I forgot that she goes to a santero, so is probable that she have protection. What can I do to bypass her protection? And what can I do to protect my family from her attacks. Thanks!

      • Thanks a lot!! This is the first spell that I do. Many years ago someone told me that I have to work the craft, because it is in my blood. He had a vision of me as a kid and a woman holding my hand. He told that the woman was from my family and that she worked the craft. I don’t know who this woman was, because neither my mother or the grannies worked the craft. Some of them may had visited a psychic, but that’s all. For years I put the vision and advice in hold, because I was reluctant. But destiny some times force you to embrace what you are regardless of it is logic or not. Thanks again for your time and for doing this wonderful place so newbies like me can learn.

        • It seems you were receiving signs during your life.
          I’m happy that now you are embracing your own power and awakening it. 😀

          Have you seen our music video “Little Crow”? It is about this moment, the moment you wake up and accept your powers.
          It’s here:

          If you like it, please subscribe the channel, give a thumbs up, comment… follow Trismegistia on Spotify (or on your favourite streaming platform).

          Thank you very much for trusting and for telling me your experiences!


  5. Hi, I am dealing with a stranger who blackmailed me online for his own gross sexual purposes and then a few days later, spread my nudes online. As I do not know his real identity, there is nothing I can do to stop him. I’m afraid he will find my social media accounts again, even if I change the info on them, and I feel unsafe and would like protection against him ever hurting or finding me again. What is the best spell to use? And are there any healing spells you would suggest to help myself recover from this and draw in some positive energy? I’ve never tried casting spells before, but I kind of feel like my world is falling apart, and I just need something that will help.

  6. You are so lovely and kind spirit !my magic came from two sources my dad and mam both dead. I don’t Belgrave in devil or God as I had bad dad, and never got to know mother she died when I was 4 ,but there is so much power in me it some times scares me, so I am glad I did your test and know I feel at ease. I am terrible one for ryming spells lol and things come true. But I am like little girl wit curl. That was a little with a little curl right in middle of fohead when she is good she is verry very good but when she is bad she is horrid, I don’t have any money yeath I am on disability but I like you so I Wil do my best to help you with payment .I felt a good vib and that means a lot x

  7. Hi.
    I have 4 women working against me at work in very underhanded sneaky ways and after 3years I cannot take it anymore, I am broken! The 2 leaders are passive aggressive best friends who control 2 follows so they are seen as the instigators. Which spell would be best for my situation? I need help.

  8. hey… agr hamari life mai problems aa gai hain study ,job wgera mai problems ho rhi hain or wjh bhi na malum ho or ye bhi na pata ho k kon rukwa raha sb kamyabian ya kon rukawat kr rhy hain to ye spell kesy karen?

  9. I just can’t tell how glad that I am to have come across this site..
    Please I would to know if I can use this spell for 7 different enemies or only for a single person but with different reasons for each needle.

    • Hello! Thank you for your comment! I’m very happy to know this spell was useful for you!

      Each spell bottle with 7 needles each is made for a single person.

      So, if you need to protect yourself against 7 different people, you’ll need 7 bottles and 49 needles. 😀

  10. Hi guys, I wanted to thank you for this page, the spells you publish are very useful. I’ve been practicing Wicca since I was 20 years old, and I wanted to ask you about this because it exceeds my knowledge (I think it’s more related to Santería or something similar). My family knew a witch healer, she practiced Santería and the knowledge that she inherited from her ancestors. Unfortunately I didn’t meet her because she passed many years ago, but my parents say that when someone was cursed, she was able to say what kind of work was done, for example, what entities were summoned, if graveyard dirt was used, etc. I’d like to know if you have any knowledge of that subject, and if there’s any way of knowing those things. Investigating on the internet, I read that eggs are usually used for that purpose, but she apparently didn’t do it that way (although she wasn’t a seer). Thanks in advance for any info you can provide on this matter!

    • Hi, Hernan! Thank you very much for your comment! 😀

      About your case, I know that you can break curses and hexes using an egg. You rub the egg on your whole body and then you can press it strongly, it won’t break. So you can throw it back to nature or, if you live in an apartment, you break in in the toilet and flush it.

      About the witch healer, I don’t really know her methods. I know some people who work with Santeria but I’m not into it. An observation I have is that these people I know are unhappy and they are always performing spells to attack and to harm others. When it comes to healing, they always charge very high prices involving personal sacrifices, suffering… So I don’t really know if this is the “Santeria way” or if these people I know use the name of Santeria to justify their acts.

      Hope I have somehow helped you. )O(

  11. Hi Daniel, thank you very much for your reply! Sorry for the delay. To be honest, I only know Wicca practitioners so I have no idea if those who practice Santería work in a different way. My parents always told me that she was a very loving person, always had something good to say to others and never practiced dark magic, so I guess what you describe has to do with how each witch is, I don’t know.
    I’m beginning to suspect that maybe she was very intuitive and that’s how she always knew stuff, and it has nothing to do with the practice itself. Thank you very much again for sharing!

    • Hi, Hernan!

      So I guess I am unlucky to have met only “dark” Santeria practitioners lol

      I wish I could have met this witch to learn some healing spells from her.

  12. I live in the community of South bay CA. Many residents are being attack by a evil demonic woman n her follower they use RF to kill silently n steal the Tittle to their home was yet she hypnotise brainwash the local authority with white noise n high radio frequency. And corrupted the judicial system .her name is Kathy manager of Palisade apartment in Torrance. Please help cast a spell to wakeup those authority who’s been influence by their voice n hope the FBI read my compliant. You see we need your prayers

    • Hi. I’m sorry to hear that 🙁

      I guess we are all facing some dark moments. Please believe you all have the power to change the situation and to bring the truth.

      Blessed be )O(

    • Is he, somehow, trying to harm you? Be careful.

      I know a woman who was tired of her ex chasing her.
      She made this spell bottle and in 2 weeks he simply stopped 😀

  13. How can I ward off an enemy that is bullying me online, in a game, where she has her friends attack me as well? Please help 😥

    • Hello, Vanessa! Try making this spell bottle. Do you know her name and face? If you don’t, try to direct your intentions to her username and avatar.

      She’ll stop soon. 😀

  14. Are there spells for protecting a loved one from a dangerous emotional manipulator ? Someone who needs to get away from this person but is under an emotional and manipulative abuse ? A spell which can be done for someone but without their knowledge of the spell ?

    • Hi, Anon. Yes, you can perform a spell for someone else. Although I never recommend it, it is possible. At the end of this post, there are some other spells. Try the American Magician’s Incantation. While you say those words, focus on the abusive person as if you were the loved one. Try not to get too involved.

      Can’t you ask your loved one to make this spell bottle?

      • I’m afraid I can’t. It got to the point where she started avoiding us and stopped telling me what is happening. I felt something was wrong and I heard from someone else, a trustwhorty source of this horrible relationship she is in. I never liked the guy and felt like he was up to something. I’m afraid he won by now because he manage to manipulate her into pushing us away and accept so much crap and make her believe it is love. I can’t tell my friend about the spell but I just want her to be safe. Why do you think I shouldn’t do the spell ?

        • I see.

          That’s complicated.

          It’s not that you shouldn’t do the spell for her. I personally do not recommend casting spells on behalf of others for changing their lives. But you can.
          Before trying, can you give her a gift? Will she accept one? If yes, try giving her a Black Tourmaline or an Onyx.

          If not, please write another comment.
          I’m not at home now, so during the weekend I’ll check some spells and see if I find something that is going to help you.


          • Hi! Yes, you can. Only by giving her one of these stones can be enough to make her aware of things. I’ve got a video about the Tourmaline, you can watch it here:

            I looked for some simple spells to help you in your case, but I couldn’t find any. I found some “complex” ones, however.

            Please, try giving her one of these stones and let’s see the results, first.

            You can also try the American Magician’s Incantation which you can find in this post. Put yourself in her place and say it many times. And beware not to get too involved, this “put yourself in her place” part is the dangerous one. If you get too attached you can start feeling bad or absorbing things to you.

            If you can find a black tourmaline for yourself it’s going to help you too. It can ward off negative energies.

            I hope it helps.


  15. Hi DanFF.

    I live in a negative environment, where my neighbours and I tried to support a vulnerable adult who was being abused by certain residents. As a consequence, I was abused by the said residents and suffered depression. I am desperate to move from this place and be happy (as are my neighbours). Is there a book you can recommend with spells to empower my situation?

    Blessings to you for the good you have done for others.

    • Mark, dear! I’m very sorry I hadn’t seen your comment until now!

      I understand your situation. I had many problems with neighbours too. Have you tried this spell bottle I teach in this post? It solved the worst problem I had with a troublemaker neighbour. Craft a spell bottle bearing in mind the worst person, or the “leader” of this situation.

      The book I recommend in this post, Witchcraft, has some protection spells too, which you can recite. But try this spell bottle first, it’s very powerful!

      If you need something stronger, check this:

      I hope you get better soon and move! Blessings.

  16. Hi I have read all the reviews about you n m glad that I came across to this page, DanFF plz plz help me as m really in need of some one’s help, few months ago my mother inlaws brother was going through an evil eye attack done by the rivalry people that has now been removed from a temple in maharashtra kolhapur, ashya in India, but I feel that since then on my husband is going through some bad times where in hes going in debts in his work he is a hard working person but all his hard work is going in vain, hes gone in a high debt of money and is now in a very bad financial difficulties n crysis, in all this just recently he tried to go away quietly from the house with out informing anyone at home, and I know the situation he might give away his life in this condition, plz plz help me, and guide me what to do, suddenly he has no ppl coming to his ayurvedic clinic and knowing he is one of the best person who can cure arthritis, help ppl to come out from 1st stage of going to get paralysed he was doing good in his clinic but now from past few months he has fallen in down, I love him deep from my heart and I want to save n help my husband come out of all this, if checked so many spell page where they charge to do a spell for this, n honestly m not able to pay that , we recide in India n dollars amount is not as we can pay, Can you please please help me to help my husband as I really can’t see him in this condition, Anyways m going to try the above information for protection you have shared, I have never done spells in my life but today after going n knowing the information I feel may be I can help my husband this way.
    My email is

    • Hi, Saily. Your situation is very sad, I’m sorry.

      But don’t worry. If this is some magic cast on your husband (or even on you), we can banish!

      First of all, try this spell bottle agains the “leader” of this people who were removed from the temple. See how your husband mood is going to change in a few days and things will return to normality.

      In the meantime, why don’t you try meditating on Durga, Lakshmi and Ganesha? Are you familiar with them? I don’t if they are known for the entire population in India. Try asking Durga some protection; ask Lakshmi to guide your husband and yourself in a more prosperous path; ask Ganesha to give you both wisdom to deal with this situation.

      You can sing Kali’s mantra too if the evil energy is too dense. She can help you deal with it.

      I hope things get better soon! Please tell me when they do 😀

  17. Is there a ward that is easy and simple for keeping someone’s unwanted sexual intent attentions away from you? Unfortunately, I can’t leave this house yet, and the owner is paying “attention” to me and his live-in girlfriend is not amused. None of us can leave yet due to financial issues, but I really want this guy to stop thinking about me, hinting that he’s interested, etc, etc. Anything non-harmful to help with making him not interested in me?

  18. Hi Dan . I need a spell to stop my boyfriend ex from coming back and harm me with a witchcraft. She knows a lot about witchcraft and I am new to doing spells . I need to protect my boyfriend from her and his home and me as well.

  19. I have an old coworker harassing me and wont stop texting me. Will this spell work on him. I just want him to leave me alone. Ive told him many times and continues to do it.


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