Learn how to summon Hecate with this ritual

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Learn how to summon Goddess Hecate (or Hekate) with this ritual to bring changes in your life. The Greek Goddess Hecate is still very much worshipped in different aspects of Witchcraft, including Wicca, for example.

Hecate walks the roads on New Moon nights and guides lost souls into the underworld or back from it. Being a Triple Goddess, rituals on the Crescent Moon, Full Moon and Waning Moon can be done in worship of Hecate, but it is on the New Moon or Black Moon that her power becomes supreme and capable of enormous changes.

It is not recommended to perform any ritual in this lunar phase without being absolutely sure what you are asking for.

Foto Perfil DanFF 2021 (150x150)

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Protection Spell with Hecate

You may also be interested in this spell with Hecate to banish evil energy. It is very simple to do and very efficient.

Hekate's Protection Spell Against Evil Forces

Prayer to Goddess Hecate

Another way to connect with Hecate is through the Orphic Hymn dedicated to her, a kind of a prayer to Goddess Hecate.

Visit the page below to check out the Hymn and hear a recited version of it.

Orphic Hymn to Hekate
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Hecate’s faces

Hecate has several faces and several epithets. Each of them represents a quality of the Goddess. For this reason, Hecate is represented in several ways.

Hecate is also considered to be a Goddess of Paths, one who sees in all directions. So, in this ritual, we will work with this aspect of the Goddess.

The ritual below can be done when you are “lost” in your life. It can also be done when you’re not sure which way to go or what to do.

How to Summon Hecate - Goddess Hecate Statue

How to summon Hecate to bring changes

Necessary items:

  • 1 black candle (for change)
  • 1 white candle (to clarify doubts)
  • 1 yellow candle (to light the way)
  • Incense (optional)
  • You can also use ritual daggers or keys as a symbol of the Goddess to attract and to please her

During a Dark Moon night, around midnight, go somewhere quiet where you can be at peace. Lay out the candles and incense (if using) in a circle. Light the incense and then the white candle.

Think about what you want to ask for Hecate. Take the time you need because you will need total clarity of mind.

Summon the Goddess by her name, thanking her for the help you have received.

Light the black candle and make your wish. Be very precise.

Now, light the yellow candle and ask Hecate to light your way, moving away the shadows with the light of her torch, removing the obstacles and turning the problems of the past into new stimuli.

At the end of this ritual, thank her again. The remains of the ritual can be buried or discarded in running water.

Remember that the Goddess Hecate will not show the specific way you want to follow. She will help you to follow the right path and make the right decisions.

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