Goddess Sarasvati – Hindu Goddess of Arts and Knowledge

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The Goddess Sarasvati (or Goddess Saraswati) is the Hindu Goddess of Wisdom, Goddess of Arts and Goddess of Knowledge. She is the personification of the Sarasvati River and was born along with the first creations of Brahma, becoming his wife.

The story of the Goddess Sarasvati does not present many details. However, she is much venerated for her powers and especially for being the personification of the Holy Sarasvati River. The local people worshipped Sarasvati and her power to create life wherever she went. The same ability of the river to flow and create its own path is seen in the attributes of the Goddess.

Goddess Sarasvati - Hindu Goddess of Arts and Knowledge

The Goddess Sarasvati is the one who lets divine knowledge flow, without barriers. She also brings protection and comfort for those who seek her.

  • Attributes: Goddess of Arts, Music and Knowledge
  • Symbols: White Lotus Flower, Veena, Swan
  • Place: India
Foto Perfil DanFF 2021 (150x150)

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Goddess Sarasvati – Goddess of Arts

The paintings and statues of the Goddess Sarasvati contain various symbolic meanings. Sarasvati is usually represented with four arms sitting on a white lotus flower with a swan and a peacock.

In one of her hands, the Goddess holds sacred scriptures, while in another she holds a rosary, a symbol of concentration and meditation. The other two hands she uses to play her instrument, the Veena, and let the music flow and establish harmony.

The swan carrying the Goddess Sarasvati represents the ability to distinguish the difference between right and wrong and the ability to spread knowledge with responsibility.

The peacock, on the other hand, wants to be in the place of the swan, but since he has the tendency to show himself and show superiority, he is not yet able to reach the state of consciousness necessary to carry the Goddess.

The white lotus represents supreme knowledge.

Goddess Sarasvati – Goddess of Knowledge

The Goddess Sarasvati is linked to all manifestations of knowledge and arts that has fluidity. All knowledge must follow its path, just like a river, and flood other beings with its wisdom.

Through inscriptions, paintings or music, the important thing is always to leave knowledge free.

Goddess Sarasvati - Painting by Harsh Malik
“Musical Goddess SARASWATI – Healing Art” painting of Sarasvati by Harsh Malik. For buying har arts, you can access her page.
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Goddess Sarasvati – Protection and Wisdom

In the “Sarasvati and King Navaratha” excerpt from the book “Classical Hindu Mythology“, it is told how King Navaratha escaped from the demons who pursued him by taking refuge in the Temple of the Goddess Sarasvati and worshipping her.

Read it below:

Navaratha was a king continually intent on righteousness and gift-giving and utterly devoted to virtue. Once while out hunting he saw a ferocious Raksasa. Filled with great fear, O bulls of seers, he fled. Enraged, that mighty demon Duryodhana, looking like fire, ran after him, a spear in his huge hand. Terrorized, King Navaratha spied not far ahead of him a fine refuge, the well-protected sanctuary of Sarasvati. Reaching it in top speed, the wise king saw before his eyes the goddess Sarasvati herself, and saluted her with bowed head and folded hands. This conqueror of enemies praised her with reverent words and fell like a log to the ground, saying, “I have come to you for help! I worship the great chaste goddess who is before me, the divinity of speech, who is without beginning or end. I praise the womb of the world, the excellent Yogini, the supreme spouse of the Golden Embryo, the three-eyed, moon-topped goddess! I honour her who knows supreme bliss, a portion of the highest consciousness, the embodiment of Brahman. Protect me, supreme goddess, who has come to you for refuge!

Meanwhile, the furious lord of the demons had approached the sanctuary of the goddess Sarasvati to kill the king. Arrogant with power, with spear raised aloft, he prepared to enter the retreat of the mother of the three worlds, which shone like the moon. At the same time a mighty creature that blazed like the sun at the end of the Age appeared and split open the demon’s breast with his pike, knocking him to the ground. “Leave quickly, great king; there is nothing more to fear in this place,” said the creature, “the Raksasa is dead!” With a bow and a happy heart, O chief of brahmins, King Navaratha returned to his own city, which was like that of Indra, destroyer of strongholds. And there, full of devotion, he installed an image of the goddess Sarasvati, worshipping that mistress of the god with a variety of sacrifices and oblations.

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Classical Hindu Mytholgy A Reader in the Sanskrit Puranas


Summoning Goddess Sarasvati

Summoning Goddess Sarasvati brings more creativity and wisdom to our daily lives. How often are we trying to create something? It can be a text, a drawing or even a report at work… sometimes we face a “creative barrier”? This barrier is nothing more than our own mind putting a giant rock in the river path of our imagination.

We can stop a little and meditate, concentrate on Sarasvati and request the removal of this barrier so the river of our imagination can flow freely. It is an excellent activity!

We can also summon Goddess Sarasvati at times where we want to expand our consciousness and seek answers to more complex issues.

Another way to keep in touch with the Goddess is through the arts. We can always create something and dedicate it to the Goddess. In this moment of creation between you and her, do not worry about techniques or models of creation. If you’re composing a song, you do not have to fully understand how to compose a song; If you are going to do a painting, you also do not need to know all the techniques you need. Just let your work flow and dedicate it to the Goddess!

The Goddess Tarot

Goddess Sarasvati - The Goddess Tarot

The Goddess Sarasvati is on the Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr. The card number II, Sarasvati, represents Wisdom:

Sarasvati, the Hindu Goddess of wisdom and culture is the embodiment of true wisdom. Sitting on her lotus throne she symbolizes spiritual knowledge and also the perfection of the arts.

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