Goddess Nyx – Greek Primordial Goddess of the Night

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In this post, you will learn about the story of Goddess Nyx, the Primordial Goddess of the Night in Greek mythology. In addition to knowing who the Greek Goddess Nyx is, you will also know the meaning of Nyx, her characteristics, some facts and how to summon her.

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Goddess Nyx Story

Nyx’s story, like the Goddess herself, is quite obscure. She is known to be a Primordial Goddess, therefore she created herself. She is the representation of the night and the night itself is Nyx. Despite being and representing the night, Goddess Nyx also has mastery and powers over aspects of light.

Nyx is sister to other Gods and Primordial Goddesses, such as:

  • Gaia, the Earth;
  • Erebus, the darkness and the void;
  • Eros, love (in some versions Eros is Aphrodite’s son);
  • Tartarus, the netherworld.
Nyx - Goddess of the Night - painting by Henri Pierre Picou (censored)
Nyx – Goddess of the Night – painting by Henri Pierre Picou (censored)

Nyx is often portrayed in a female form, but she often has her face covered in a black cloud or surrounded by darkness. It also alludes to the fact that she watches over everything while wearing her invisibility cloak, watching everything that happens while no one can see her.

In art, Nyx is also depicted with long black wings. Nyx is said to have great beauty and this beauty is not always revealed to other Gods.

Dark and full of secrets, there is no temple dedicated exclusively to Nyx. However, there is a statue called “Nyx” in the Temple of Artemis in the city of Ephesus.

Nyx’s offspring

Nyx had several sons and daughters. With Erebus, her brother, she had:

  • Goddess Hemera, the light and the day;
  • God Aether, the “upper sky” and the air.

In addition, Nyx had several sons and daughters by herself. They are:

  • Eris, Goddess of Discord;
  • Moros, luck;
  • The Keres, violent death;
  • Thanatos, death;
  • Hypnos, sleep;
  • The Oneiroi (Morpheus, Icelos and Phantasos), dreams;
  • Momus, scorn;
  • Geras, old age;
  • Oizys, misery;
  • Nemesis, divine judgement;
  • Philotes, friendship;
  • Apate, deception;
  • The Moirai, Goddesses of Fate;
  • Hesperides, Goddesses of Spring and Sunset;
Art - Nyx by William Adolphe Bouguereau 1883 (censored)
Art – Nyx by William Adolphe Bouguereau 1883 (censored) | See the original here

Greek Goddess Nyx’s Powers

Nyx then is the night and her powers are related to everything that “comes from the night”, such as mystery, fear, surprise, death, the end and so on. Although directly related to the “nocturnal” and dark elements, Nyx also shows mastery over light and powers such as giving life, illuminating darkness and bringing fertility.

It is said that Goddess Nyx’s powers were so great that even Zeus feared her. Hera once asked Hypnos to put Zeus to sleep while punishing Heracles for attacking Troy. When Zeus awoke to find that Hypnos had put him to sleep, he pursued him. Hypnos then hid with Nyx and Zeus … gave up for fearing of Nyx’s powers.

There may be some relationship between Nyx and Goddess Hekate. Some authors even claim that Hekate would be Nyx’s daughter, but this is not very common. However, the two Goddesses dominate the “night” and the unknown arts.

Nyx’s personality varies. Sometimes she appears like the beauties of the night but sometimes like their terrors. She lives in Hades and participates in the judgment of the souls sent there.

Meaning of Nyx

The word Nyx stands for “Night”. Goddess Nyx is always related to:

  • The Night;
  • Fertility;
  • Death;
  • Mystery and the unknown;
  • Justice.

Goddess Nyx’s Symbols

Goddess Nyx’s symbols are, mainly:

  • Black wings;
  • Dark clouds;
  • Black fog;
  • Egg;
  • New Moon;
  • Stars.
Art - Nyx by an unknown artist (censored)
Art – Nyx by an unknown artist (censored) | See the original here

Greek Goddess Nyx or Nix?

Both spellings are correct. Both Nix and Nyx are used to refer to the Greek Goddess of the Night.

Nyx in Greek and Roman Mythology

Nyx is then the Greek Goddess of the Night and the night itself. Her Roman equivalent is Goddess Nox, also representing the Night.

In J. K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” book series, the characters often use the “Nox” spell to erase the glow from their wands. This makes a reference to Nyx, as well as being one of her names, it also refers to the darkness.

The Night Escorted by the Geniuses of Love and Study 1886 by Pedro Américo
The Night Escorted by the Geniuses of Love and Study 1886 by Pedro Américo
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How to summon Goddess Nyx?

Today, Nyx is very much worshipped by witches and wizards and it is asked of her for fertility in different fields and also for clarity to solve problems and issues. Nyx is also highly worshipped in Wicca, depicting the Dark Goddess’s face.

As a suggestion, a Nyx ritual can be performed when you feel “lost” or “stuck” aimlessly. Imagine this situation as if you were “lost” on a New Moon night, with no light to guide you.

Nyx is the night. No one knows the night better than herself.

Therefore, meditate with Nyx to seek clarity in your thoughts and to find “the way out” of the situation. Do the following:

  • Light incense with an “energizing” aroma such as Sandalwood, Storax, White Sage, Red Roses or Rosemary, for example;
  • During the night, preferably on the New Moon, stay in a quiet and totally dark place (the only light will be the burning incense);
  • Start by calling for Nyx and explain your situation;
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
Art - Nyx by Gustave Moreau 1880
Art – Nyx by Gustave Moreau 1880

General FAQ

Who is the Greek Goddess Nyx?

Nyx is the Greek Primordial Goddess of the Night. She created herself from Chaos and she also had many children.

What does the Goddess Nyx represent?

Nyx represents the Night and she IS the night. She is also related to all the things “from the night” such as the unknown, mystery, fear and more.

How to pronounce “Nyx”?

Nyx is pronounced like “Fix”, but with N instead of F.

Is Goddess Nyx good or bad?

We should avoid this “good or bad” idea. Nyx is everything. She can be the beauties which are in the night and she can also be its terrors.

What does Goddess Nyx look like?

Nyx is sometimes represented with big dark wings or as a woman with dark clothes and dark hair. She can also have her face covered in a dark cloud.

Where does Goddess Nyx live?

Nyx lives in Hades alongside Hades himself, Persephone and others. In some texts, she lives in Tartarus.

What powers does Goddess Nyx have?

Nyx has powers related to the night and also related to fertility and light. She can create and she can also destroy what she wants.

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