Goddess Kali – Goddess of Destruction and Rebirth

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The Goddess Kali may be one of the most mysterious deities of Hinduism. Often described as “The Devouring Mother“, the Goddess Kali exhibits traces of death and revenge, but also of love and delicacy. For this reason, she is known as Goddess of Destruction and also Goddess of Rebirth.

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Goddess Kali is represented as a woman with dark or bluish skin, black hair and the face stained with red blood. She is always showing her tongue. She has got four or eight arms that carry the weapons of the Gods and a necklace of human skulls around her neck.

Goddess Kali - Hindu Goddess

The myth of Kali has many variations, but the most accepted origin is that she was summoned by the Goddess Durga to fight a demon who was threatening people and all the deities.

  • Attributes: Goddess of death, of destruction, of rebirth
  • Symbols: Serpent, downward red triangle (represents her tongue), the human skull
  • Place: India
Foto Perfil DanFF 2021 (150x150)

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Goddess Kali – Goddess of Destruction

Goddess Kali, Goddess of Destruction, is considered as a personification of the Goddess Durga, the Eternal Mother.

It is said that during the battle against the asura (demon) Raktabīja (rakta means blood, bīja means seed), every time Durga hit him, he was able to replicate himself for every drop of spilt blood. It seemed impossible to defeat him.

Durga, then, summoned Kali from her forehead. Kali defeated the asura for every time she hit him, she also drank his blood, preventing him from multiplicating himself.

After the end of the battle, euphoric, Goddess Kali danced over the bodies of the dead and all worlds trembled under the impact of her footsteps. It is told that Shiva, her consort, threw himself among the demons she executed and let himself to be crushed by her in order to bring her back to consciousness and prevent the world from collapsing.

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Goddess Kali – Goddess of Rebirth

Besides being considered a Goddess of Destruction, Goddess Kali is also considered a Goddess of Rebirth. Somehow she is the one who starts the flow of time. Everything needs to be destroyed so it can be created again.

Just like other Indian Goddesses, Goddess Kali is also worshipped until today in India. Kali Puja is a festival which takes place on the first New Moon from the month Kartik in the Hindu Calendar. During the festival, her devotees offer rice, lentils, hibiscus flowers and meditate during the whole night until dawn.

When all the colours merge together the result is black. It is said that, when all the things in the universe merge together, the result is Kali: The beginning and the end.

Kali - Painting by Abhishek Singh
“Kali Goddess of Time” painting about Kali made by the artist Abhishek Singh. Buy it on his website. Follow him: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook
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Summoning Goddess Kali

Goddess Kali is the force of renewal. She is always close to us to warn us of death. This death can be the end of a relationship, a change of job or simply a phase of our life.

Kali is also transformation. You can summon her with a mantra whenever we need an “extra force” to face what is to come. Always remember that, just like Kali’s power, we are also in constant transformation. 

Kalirudra, Devourer of Evil by Abhishek Singh
“Kalirudra, Devourer of Evil” painting about Kali made by the artist Abhishek Singh. Buy it on his website. Follow him: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Om Kreem Kalika-yei Namaha – Jay Kali ma.

Meaning: “Om and Greetings. I attract the one who is black and powerful.”

Listen to it here:

Goddess Kali - Goddess of Destruction and Rebirth (Pinterest)
Former image of Goddess Kali used as a featured image here

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2 thoughts on “Goddess Kali – Goddess of Destruction and Rebirth”

    • Hello, Sweta! Sorry for the late reply.

      Yes, there are many differences. Kali can be considered the unstoppable aspect of Durga. Although Durga is the strongest Warrior Goddess of all, she couldn’t defeat Raktabija. Then, Kali emerged during the battle and defeated him by drinking his blood and attacking him.

      Kali is the ultimate destruction. After killing Raktabija she almost destroyed the world while dancing.

      On the other hand, if Durga had defeated him, she wouldn’t “destroy” the world. She can control her anger and her excitement.

      Is it clear? xD

      If you haven’t watched my videos, please check them:
      Kali: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jDnm7twqdk
      Durga: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3DCR0xVG1c



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