Goddess Gaia – Mother Goddess of Abundance

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The Goddess Gaia transcends time. She is considered the Mother Goddess of all creation, and she’s deep associated with abundance and with the Planet Earth. According to Greek people from the ancient region of Ática, who absorbed the beliefs about this Goddess, in the beginning, there was only chaos.

From the moment this chaos found order, it became Gaia. Gaia herself is also considered to be the chaos which existed before of everything else, leading us to believe she created herself.

Goddess Gaia - Mother Goddess of Abundance
Statue of Goddess Gaia

The Great Mother Goddess Gaia shaped all forms of life and created her offspring: the earth, the seas, the mountains, the plants, the animals, the stars, and etc. She gives life to all her creations so they can live in peace and harmony, enjoying the beauty of all creation.

  • Attributes: Goddes of Abundance, of Prosperity, of endless love, the origin of everything
  • Symbols: Snake, Planet Earth, Wealth
  • Place: Ática, an ancient Greek region
Foto Perfil DanFF 2021 (150x150)

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Goddess Gaia – Mother Goddess

Goddess Gaia, besides being represented by the Planet Earth, Gaia also has a Snake as her symbol. Due to Christian teachings, the snake is now seen as an evil, poisonous and destructive being. Although, when we look back to ancient beliefs we can notice that animals and natural phenomena usually symbolizes good things.

The snake represents the ability of renewal, of rebirth. It also represents protection, once they were supposed to protect grains stocked during the winter against rodents. It is said that Gaia used to be served by the snake Píton, in Delphos Temple.

Goddess Gaia – Goddess of Abundance

Goddess Gaia teaches us a very important lesson: we have to live a plenty life. This lesson differs from many modern religions, in which to live in abundance is considered to be a sin. We are her offspring, just as everything else. She gave us life so we could enjoy it as much as we can. We deserve to be plenty, to live in harmony, to be happy and to share and give love.

Goddess Gaia - Statue
Goddess Gaia – Statue
You can find this and others here

To live in abundance is not to take from the other, to be selfish or to be a hoarder. It means to have, to build, to share and to live in harmony with nature!

In Gaia’s myth, she created herself and created all the life. We can do the same without destroying nature.

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Goddess Gaia and science

In the 1970s the Gaia Hypothesis was proposed by the James E. Lovelock. Through his research, James proposed his hypothesis in which the planet Earth is considered a superorganism, where everything that is inserted in her is only a small part of a whole.

Just think from micro to macro and we will see that everything can be considered a superorganism in which several organisms and microorganisms inhabit. Thus, the timeless myth of Gaia becomes an object of study in the field of science.

Gaia, the great Mother, is, in fact, a living being that keeps her children alive. On the other hand, it is up to us, her children, to keep her alive and healthy.

James’s hypothesis generated controversy among scientists, but it has never ceased to be considered (and indeed we know it will be confirmed!). In movies and video games it is quite common to see the mention of Gaia as a living being who cares for her children and deserves to be cared for.

Find here some of James’s books on Gaia.

One of the most famous cases is the RPG released for the Playstation in 1997, Final Fantasy VII, that sold more than 9 million copies. In the game, the characters inhabit a planet that is devastated by great industries for the production of weapons and development of warlike technologies.

Throughout the game, the protagonist, Cloud, is able to hear the “cry of the planet” asking for help. The Final Fantasy series also made other mentions to the Goddess Gaia in other editions, always showing a lot of respect and gratitude.

The Goddess Tarot

Goddess Gaia - The Goddess Tarot

Goddess Gaia is on the Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr. The card number XXI, Oya, represents The World.

In ancient Greece, the earth was personified as Gaia, a goddess who existed before all life and created all life. The story of Gaia reminds us of the interconnection of all of the world—and the importance of living in harmony with her resources.

The Goddess Tarot

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