The Goddess Calendar – January 2020

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Another Solar calendar cycle begins. The year 2020 arrives with renewed energies and here you find the Goddess Calendar – January 2020 with the dates to make your lunar spells and important dates for some Goddesses who can help you in your rituals.

The Egyptian Goddess Isis. Art by YANKA-arts-n-crafts
Goddess Isis by YANKA-arts-n-crafts. Visit the artist’s page.
Foto Perfil DanFF 2021 (150x150)

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Lunar Phases in January 2020

The Lunar Phanes in January 2020 are going to on the following dates:

  • Crescent Moon on Jan 3rd, Friday;
  • Full Moon on Jan 10th, Friday;
  • Waning Moon on Jan 17th, Friday;
  • New Moon on Jan 24th, Friday.

All the four dates are going to be on a Friday. That’s easy to memorise!

In case you need some tips for casting spells on these dates, please check the posts below:

Goddesses celebrations in January 2020

The Goddesses celebrations in January 2020 are:

  • Inanna – Birthday on Jan 2nd;
  • Befana – Epiphany’s Eve on Jan 5th and during Jan 6th;
  • Ísis – Festival dedicated to her during Jan 7th and 8th;
  • Neith – Festival of Lights on Jan 19th;
  • Hathor – The Goddess’s day on Jan 23rd.

Many of these dates, especially those related to the Egyptian Goddesses, are approximate dates as they are adapted from the original calendar to ours. Egyptian dates were related on this site.

Learn more about Goddess Isis, which illustrates this post, in the video below:

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Your celebrations!

So this is the Goddess Calendar – January 2020. Are you going to hold a special Esbat this month? Are you going to celebrate any Goddess? Tell your story in the comments below! I answer to all!

And more! Do you know of any other celebration? Any other Goddess to be included in January? Tell me and I add them here!

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