Gaia Dwellings – Stonehenge, England

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Gaia Dwellings | Stonehenge | Witchcraft, Magic, Paganism

Today we’re starting a new section on our Santuário Lunar. These new posts are going to be dedicated to places around the world in which we can find some evidences of ancient civilizations and pagan religions. Throughout the world there are many sites where we can travel back in time to rediscover some hidden energies. We’re going to call these places Gaia Dwellings.

To start, let’s read a little about the most famous megalithic structure of all, Stonehenge.

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Pagan Temple – Stonehenge

Situated in the south of England, the huge stones of Stonehenge create a complex and puzzling circular structure. When or how it was built are questions we do not have the correct answers until today. Many theories were proposed in attempts to answer these questions, but none of them were enough to cover all the mysteries. Although it is believed that Stonehenge is one of the first temples built by mankind.
One very thing about Stonehenge is that the stones are amazingly arranged in a very particular way and they interact with solar e lunar events. It was verified be Scientists and Astrologers. For example, if we look through the five Trilithons (two vertical stones holding one horizontal stone) it is possible to see the directions in which the Sun and the Moon rise during specif dates such as the Summer Solstice, Autumnal Equinox, Winter Solstice and Vernal Equinox. It reminds us directly to the Wiccan Wheel of The Year, the Sabbaths and Esbats celebrations, the Sun God and the Triple Goddess.
Gaia Dwellings - Stonehenge - Soltices and Equinoxes - Rev Edward Duke
Map showing the Solstices and Equinoxes according to Rev. Edward Duke.


Gaia Dwellings - Stonehenge - <strong>Litha</strong> - Wiccan Wheel of the Year
Picture showing the sunrise on the Summer Solstice day, Litha, in the Wiccan Wheel of the Year
Surpassing Stonehenge is another superbly recently discovered formation (September 2015), the “Super Stonehenge”. It is an enormous underground structure, five times the size of the original one. According to the researches, there are some circular structures bigger than Stonehenge around the area and there are also others which are perfectly aligned with them. All of them are underground.
Gaia Dwellings - Stonehenge - Durrington Walls
Map showing the structures beneath the Stonehenge area
By looking at the map above we can see that Durrington Walls is less the 3 km away from Stonehenge and their formations are very similar.. It is believed that the place was once a village.
Other theories suggest that Stonehenge was used for human sacrifices or to elevate the power of sound waves. The full structure would be able to distort these waves, creating interesting effects such as mute spots.
Even if we don’t know the real purpose of Stonehenge, its relation with Solar and Lunar events makes it very special to all of us who have Nature as our greatest temple.
Have you been to Stonehenge? What did you feel there? Share your photos and comments with us! )O(


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