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Magical Games – 9 Parchments – Games Witch

December has arrived with many great pieces of news. One of these was the launch of a magical game which was a trigger to launch the Games Witch section, where I am going to recommend many magical games! The name of this section may sound strange, but it is on purpose. I have planned Games …


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Nocturne by Secret Garden – Søndag Søund

Søndag Søund brings, on Sundays, artists and songs somehow related to Pagan traditions, to Wicca, to witchcraft, and to magic. This post is about Secret Garden, an Irish-Norwegian duo specialized in instrumental music. They are Fionnuala Sherry, Irish singer and violinist, and Rolf Løvland, Norwegian composer and pianist. Secret Garden released their first album, Songs from a Secret Garden, in 1996, but they were …


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Ae Fond Kiss with Amy McAllister – Søndag Søund

Søndag Søund brings, on Sundays, artists and songs somehow related to Pagan traditions, to Wicca, to witchcraft, and to magic. And this is our fist post in English! This post is very personal. Last Friday 13th (!) we had the opportunity to watch a performance from Amy McAllister, an Irish Harpist at XI Rio Harp Festival – CCBB in Rio de Janeiro, …


Hounds of Hekate by Trismegistia – Søndag Søund

Søndag Søund brings, on Sundays, artists and songs somehow related to Pagan traditions, to Wicca, to Witchcraft, and to Magic. This post is about Trismegistia, a musical project from Brazil, created here by Santuário Lunar, which aims to offer songs for the mind and for the soul. Trismegistia was born by chance. Just after Daniel Faria e Jesse Guelfi finished shooting Nunnos (Short Film), …


Y Mabinogi: The First Branch - Damh the Bard (Pinterest)

Y Mabinogi: The First Branch by Damh the Bard – Søndag Søund

This post is about Y Mabinogi: The First Branch, the newest album of Damh the Bard. By the title it is possible to know what’s all about, isn’t it? Before we talk about the album, let’s get to know the artist a bit: Damh the Bard (Dave Smith) is a pagan musician with a very extensive work in the area. …