Wiccan Lunar Eclipse Spell (Pinterest)

Wiccan Lunar Eclipse Spell: Freedom, Strength and Gratitude

In this post, we’re going to learn a very powerful Wiccan Lunar Eclipse Spell. Here on our website, we have already posted some simple spells suggestions for the four Moon phases. Simple spells during the New Moon, for example, deal with removal, neutralization, and renewal; Simple spells during the Waxing Moon, deal with goals, health, and success; Simple spells during the Full …


Wiccan Waxing Moon Spells Pinterest

Wiccan Waxing Moon Spells: Goals, Health and Success

We all love when we can cast simple spells that bring great results, right? In this post we’ll learn 3 Wiccan Waxing Moon spells for using the energy of this Moon phase in our favour, helping us achieving our goals, attracting health and obtaining success. In the end, there is a Waxing Moon Calendar 2019 …