Goddess Tiamat - Babylon Goddess of Chaos and Creation

Tiamat – Goddess of Chaos and Creation

Attributes: Goddess of chaos, creation, salt water and creativity Symbols: Dragons, Snakes, Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Metal Place: Mesopotamia / Babylon Many of us have heard of the Goddess Tiamat. Her presence, distorted or not, is usually popular as the mother of monsters or as a dragon with seven or nine heads, and she is …


Goddess Inanna - Mesopotamian Goddess of the Sky and Inner Strength

Inanna – Goddess of the Sky and Inner Strength

In ancient Mesopotamia, the Goddess Inanna was the most worshiped female deity. In Sumerian her name means “The Lady of the Skies” and to the north of Babylon she is called Ishtar. Inanna is an adventurous Goddess of many myths. Among them it is told that she decided to go down to the underworld to …


Ereshkigal – Goddess of Death and Renewal

Attributes: Goddess of death and transformation, queen of the underworld Symbols: Horses, lions and death itself Place: Mesopotamia Inside a palace of Lapis Lazuli lies a large black-haired nude woman who draws the dead to herself. This is the Goddess Ereshkigal, Queen of Irkalla or Attalu, the underworld in Sumerian and Babylonian Mythologies. Sometimes she …