Magic of Mindfulness (Pinterest)

The Magic of Mindfulness – Living the moment

We are constantly having thousands of thoughts per minute. The trend is nonstop thinking. We got used to having an inner chat. Our mind never stops. At every moment we are having thoughts which are linked to the past and to the future. These frequent and uninterrupted thoughts we have about the past involve everything …


How to be happy (Pinterest)

The Magic of Happiness – How to be happy

Have you ever wondered how to be happy? It is always good and important to know how to situate ourselves temporally and geographically before, so that we can find out this answer. We do that so for others and also for ourselves to understand the context in which we are in. So, where do you …


The Magic of Magic (Pinterest)

The Magic of Magic – What is Magic?

What is Magic? Does magic work? Magic is nothing more than contemplation, understanding and manipulation of the forces of nature, for everything around us and even ourselves are magic. In short, that magic consists of knowing how to deal and interact with life. For centuries, in different garments called the physical body, we have been …


Magic of Food - Healthy eating habits and well-being (Pinterest)

The Magic of Food – Healthy eating habits and well-being

Hello! In this post we will be talking about the Magic of Food. Tips for maintaining healthy eating habits together with physical and emotional well-being. These tips will help us find and maintain our balance consuming healthy food. How to have healthy eating habits? There are several ways to have healthy eating habits for our physical body …